St. John Paul II Secondary School – Toronto, ON

St. John Paul II Secondary School – Toronto, ON

St. John Paul II Catholic Secondary School was established in 1983. Its reputation for excellence is bolstered by the success of 90% of its graduates in their post-secondary education.

ACO. creating

the future of drainage


Project Design Brief

Stormwater runoff had caused severe erosion of a valley behind Pope John Paul II Catholic Secondary School leading to the Ellesmere Ravine. The Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) enlisted the help of JSW+ Associates engineering to find a solution to their stormwater runoff issues and reme-diate the valley. ACO StormBrixx was selected to create a stormwater management tank capable of holding over 1 million litres of water which will infiltrate the soils below. The StormBrixx product was chosen due to it’s fast installation times, high void ratio, and it’s ability to support the heavy loads of the school parking lot & delivery areas. The contractor, Mopal Construction, worked closely with ACO to ensure the installation would be achieved within their schedule and meet ACO standards. Mopal had a crew of 8 workers onsite with a team of 3 putting together the StormBrixx modules. Once the pit was excavated to the required depth, the entire 1064mtank was constructed in just 4 days.



  • StormBrixx HD has a high void ratio
  • StormBrixx HD units is made to support heavy duty vehicle loads
  • The systems can be constructed and installed quickly with a small crew


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When presented the ACO Stormbrixx SD solution, the consultant have seen the advantages over previously used stormwater management tanks.

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