Transportation & Logistic Considerations

Optimized logistics and savings with ACO StormBrixx

Transportation and logistics

The stackable design of StormBrixx, where the base units nest together, means less vehicles are needed for transportation to site compared with other stormwater tank manufacturers. The side panels and other accessories also nest together.

For each delivery of ACO StormBrixx, up to 4 truck loads of competitor product may be required, making StormBrixx approximately 75% more efficient in delivery.

  • StormBrixx SD – 15,825ft³ [448m³] per 53ft box truck
  • StormBrixx HD – 14,557 ft³ [412m³] per 53ft box truck

Logistics of deliveries, with multiple trucks needing to park while waiting to unload, is reduced.

Environmental savings

Having fewer vehicles moving ACO StormBrixx reduces CO2 emissions, and with a trend of congestion charges for central urban areas, savings can be made from fewer deliveries.

optimized logistics
stackable design

Example: 9,900ft3 (280m3) storage volume is required for project A. Using StormBrixx the project requirement can be transported on a single vehicle whereas up to four vehicles may be required for other comparable systems.

Accessory stacking

Side panels, top covers and other accessories are also stackable for easy delivery and storage.

accessory stacking
accessory stacking
onsite storage

On site storage and reduced handling
StormBrixx can be easily offloaded from the vehicle and stored in the same stackable layout on site. Due to the compact arrangement of StormBrixx compared to other geo-cellular units, they can be stored more discretely and drastically reduce double-handling.

This can save building sites time and money as movements around site are reduced by up to 75%.

Time and cost savings
All the benefits of easier logistics, to a site and on-site, with less handling required, add up to increased time and cost savings for the installer to allow them to get on with the project.