Infiltration applications

infiltration applications

StormBrixx® SD and StormBrixx® HD for infiltration applications

  1. StormBrixx®inspection point
  2. Geotextile protection fleece
  3. StormBrixx® side panels
  4. StormBrixx® top cover
  5. Sediment bay (geotextile)
  6. Inlet
  7. StormBrixx® layer connector
  8. StormBrixx® tank body

Why Choose ACO Stormbrixx™?

ACO Engineers the Future of Stormwater Management

Eco-friendly and-LEED Eligible

Eco-friendly &
LEED Eligible

ACO Stormbrixx infiltration system is eligible for LEED-certified construction projects. Stormbrixx’s highly versatile system is manufactured in North America from recyclable polypropylene and optimized to lower the carbon footprint from manufacturing, transportation, and assembly by up to 30%.

Award Winning Infiltration Technology

Infiltration Technology

Stormbrixx™ infiltration systems’ patented brick-bonding assembly, and industry-leading void ratios provide the longest-lasting stability with minimal excavation volume. ACO Stormbrixx™ is designed for heavy-duty and standard-duty construction environments.

Structurally Sound Design

Sound Design

Established in North America in 1978, ACO provides the world’s strongest, fully recyclable stormwater infiltration system with a minimum life expectancy of at least 50-60 years. ACO Stormbrixx is efficiently designed with multiple possible access points making inspection and maintenance very efficient and effective.

Lifetime Customer Support

Customer Support

The ACO Stormbrixx team values customer satisfaction and provides lifetime support services to help maximize the benefits of our award-winning stormwater infiltration system. Engineers and contractors can request support for design, implementation, inspection, and maintenance.

Engineering Sustainable Stormwater Management Solutions

Since 1978, ACO has been committed to engineering solutions that provide industry-leading stormwater management capabilities. ACO Stormbrixx’s access points allow for easy inspection and maintenance. With a 97% void ratio, engineers and contractors can expect optimal working efficiency with a low environmental footprint.

ACO Stormbrixx™ is a beautifully engineered, highly versatile filtration geocellular system. These stormwater management solutions help prevent the economic and environmental impacts of excess stormwater runoff that can potentially damage buildings and urban infrastructure. With the ACO Stormbrixx infiltration system, flooding can be sustainably prevented while maintaining the natural hydrological cycle.

stormwater infiltration system
eco-friendly stormwater management solution

Stormwater Geocellular Storage and Flow Control system

ACO Stormbrixx geocellular infiltration system helps store and control the release of stormwater to reduce downstream accumulations. The system is intelligently designed and versatile to ensure minimal silt accumulation and maximum stormwater containment.

Manufactured with recyclable polypropylene materials, the ACO Stormbrixx SD and HD infiltration systems are corrosion resistant, allowing for robust and long-lasting geocellular function. ACO Stormbrixx has many applications across construction environments, from landscaped areas, pedestrian areas, driveways, and parking lots to heavy-duty industrial areas.

ACO Stormbrixx engineers are here to help support and educate clients on product features and benefits, as well as provide shop drawings that meet complex design requirements.

Proven Modular Performance through Intelligent Design

ACO StormBrixx was developed to provide a cost-effective, high-performance stormwater infiltration tank suitable for standard-duty and heavy-duty applications. The brick-bonding design and load-bearing pillars of the system provide high structural strength, stability and modular efficiency to support extreme loading conditions. Access points allow easy inspection and maintenance using remote CCTV and cleaning devices.

ACO StormBrixx can support CL-625, H-20 and H-25 loading conditions. The system also satisfies UK CIRIA C680 and Creep strength performance tests which ensures confidence in a long-term lifespan.

customizable stormwater infiltration system
how stormwater infiltration system works 3

How It Works

  1. Step 1
    Stormwater is collected from sidewalks, concrete pavings, parking lots, roofs and other hard surfaces to prevent flooding. It is then treated to remove solids, hydrocarbons and other pollutants and then piped to the stormwater tank.
  2. Step 2
    Stormbrixx infiltration system holds and stores the stormwater in its award-winning chamber, which is situated in the same area where the rain falls to maintain the hydrological water cycle.
  3. Step 3
    The stormwater is then gradually released and allowed to infiltrate into the surrounding soil through the porous geotextile fabric material covering the infiltration system.

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