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445 Ontario Street – Milton, ON

445 Ontario Street - Milton, ON

445 Milton Street in Ontario is a residential area with new subdivisions.

Project Design Brief

During the site plan approvals of this new Milton subdivision, the town required the stormwater tank to be moved further away from existing dwellings. This led to a challenge for the designer as they had tight site constraints for where this tank could be located and would need a versatile product to fit with-in their limitations. While StormBrixx wasn’t the original specified product, the contractors gained approval for its use as an irregular shaped tank would fit within their available space and would provide a much quicker installation than the original product selected for use. One of the unique advantages to ACO StormBrixx is its open cell structure which permits access for CCTV and jetting equipment. To make use of this advantage, twelve (12) StormBrixx inspection ports were placed around the tank to provide access for future inspections and potential maintenance.


  • StormBrixx HD allows is customizable allowing for an irregular shaped tank to fit the alotted space.
  • Open cell structure allows access for CCTV and jetting equipment
  • Patented access chambers can be placed anywhere within the matrix system

Client: Hallawest Developments
Designer: AMEC
Contractor: TrenchLine & Roads, Inc.
Net Storage: 718m x 718m x718m
Installed June 2017