Access & maintenance

Meeting the need for access

StormBrixx addresses the fundamental requirement of access and maintenance to detention and infiltration systems. Many cities, utility and conservation authorities now stipulate minimum maintenance regimes when approving the use of geo-cellular structures, StormBrixx can address all of these.

meeting the needs for access

Inspection & maintenance

The complete system, including all extremities can be inspected and maintained from just a few access points.

The inspection camera, or jetting head, is inserted vertically into the access
shafts integrated within the StormBrixx structure. From the access points optimum maintenance and inspection of the system is possible in the longitudinal and transverse direction.

inspection maintenance

Inspection cameras are introduced vertically into the infiltration system via StormBrixx upper parts and intermediate/bottom shaft sections.

open cell structure

Open cell structure

With a 95% and 97% void capacity, for StormBrixx HD and StormBrixx SD respectively, the open cell structure permits completely free access for CCTV and jetting equipment.

open cell structure

inspection camera

Slide inspection cameras can be easily used in the StormBrixx system.

cleaning equipment

Cleaning equipment with a jetting head. Deposits that may be in the system can be pressure-jetted and suctioned at the same time.