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Maintenance and inspection guidance

Maintenance procedures

It is important to note that failure to control and remove sediment build-up in stormwater tanks is the largest cause of system failure. Incorporation of a sediment forebay in a StormBrixx infi ltration system, or a sediment tunnel and / or draindown feature in a StormBrixx attenuation system, can ensure the eff ective management of silt.

The open design of StormBrixx allows the system to be inspected by remote CCTV either through the inlet connection, access chambers, inspection points or pipes at the edges of the StormBrixx system. This allows the system to be inspected for sediment build-up and for collected sediment to be removed from a soakaway or fl ushed through in the case of an attenuation system.

In the event that a sediment forebay, or tunnel, has not be incorporated with the StormBrixx system, please contact ACO Technical Services for further advice.

Infiltration systems

In order to periodically check the eff ectiveness of the StormBrixx infi ltration system, a percolation test can be carried out on the tank and compared with the original data. If there is a signifi cant decrease in the infi ltration rates, the infi ltration tank should be fi lled via the inspection chamber to the invert level of the inlet pipe. It should then be fl ushed through with water in order to remove sediment and unblock the geotextile

Detention systems

In order to clean the StormBrixx system, if a sediment draindown catch basin has not been incorporated, it will be necessary to block the outflow control device, not the overflow pipe, before filling the detention tank to the invert of the vent pipe. The tank should be filled and flushed as above and the water effluent removed and disposed of by a suction truck. If a draindown facility has been installed, lift the access chamber cover and using a suction tank truck remove all water in the draindown sump and jet the sump channel

Frequency of maintenance procedure for the tank will be determined by the inspection regime. A recommendation is not less than twice-yearly inspections, and during the first year after every significant storm event. In order to minimize silt build-up ACO recommends the use of pretreatment systems upstream of the detention device.

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